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BT Mail is a free email service offered by BT Broadband. When you register for BT Broadband, you will be given the option of a BT Mail address to use. If you go for this option, you’ll then be offered an email address ending with @btinternet.com.

Your email address can then be used as a username to sign into your broadband, your BT mail account as well as either of the other alternative services you get from BT Broadband service for example BT Cloud and BT WI-Fi. You may also choose not to use the email address until later. You can add up to 10 more email addresses for family and friends as well. This comes to 11.

BTinternet mail is a web based application that is secure and can be integrated with other services such as calendar and contacts as well as operate with other email accounts for centralized email management. BT Mail also accessible by any computer or device from anywhere in the world as its a web based email application. You can either access your email through any internet browser such as internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, or use an email application such as Microsoft Outlook or Mail for Macs.

Go to BT mail

Access BT Webmail

To access your mail through the browser, You can find the BT Webmail link above. You can just sign using your BTinternet mail credentials.

Accessing email from a smart phone or tablet
BT Mail is compatible with a majority of email applications, tablets and smart phones though some old models may be unsupported.

To set up a device or email program to receive BTinternet mail is basically quick and easy. Your email program should provide help, advice ad any support with setting up. Alternatively you may seek assistance from the manufacturer of your tablet or smartphone.

You’ll need the following to set up your email application
1. Server settings for incoming and outgoing
2.Your BT Mail username or email address
3.Your BT Mail address password

You can find these settings below.

Ios and Android

If you don’t want to use your browser for BT Mail you can also use your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop for receiving and sending emails. you need the right settings for setting up you mobile device for webmail. All the broadband providers in the UK use different servers for webmail. You can use a standard email program on iOS, Android or Windows for your webmail. The only thing you need is an email-address and password from your broadband provider. For the settings and help with the installation look below


The most frequently asked questions about webmail.

Forgot Username

Forgot Username

Forgot Password

Forgot Password


Other webmail providers


BT mail settings

Below you will find the settings like POP3,IMAP,SMTP for BT Mail. Also videos to install webmail on ios and android.

IMAPPOP3SMTPEmail on iOSEmail on Android
  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.btinternet.comPort: 993 (this should be automatically populated if you tick the SSL Encryption)SSL Encryption: Enabled (but not STARTTLS)Username: your email address including the @btinternet or @btopenworld.com partPassword: your btinternet passwordRoot folder/path:Folder separator: . (full stop)Please do NOT enable “secure password authentication” (SPA). It’s not needed when you use SSL encryption and won’t work.If your IMAP client supports it, we recommend you also set up the following folders:
    • Trash
    • Sent Items
    • Drafts
  • Server: mail.btinternet.comPort: 995 (this should be automatically populated when you tick SSL Encryption)SSL Encryption: Enabled (but not STARTTLS)Username: your email address including the @btinternet or @btopenworld.com partPassword: your btinternet passwordPOP from folder: By default, POP will pull emails from your Inbox
  • Outgoing Mail Server: mail.btinternet.comPort: 465 (this may not be automatically populated on selection of SSL, so you’ll need to check this)SSL Encryption: Enabled (but not STARTTLS)Authentication: PLAINUsername: your email address including the @btinternet or @btopenworld.com partPassword: your btinternet password


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